Tamar Sandalon Photography


This project originally focused on exploring an imaginary dream landscape, or a dreamscape. This project came about when people began to comment that my photographs looked as if they were all from the same place, somewhere right out of my mind. I embraced these comments and began to curate a body of work which felt as bizarre and as magical as the world inside my head. 
Upon further contemplation, however, I came to the realization that this work simply uses the idea of a dreamscape as a catalyst for exploring the abstract feelings  I have towards growing up and living on my own. The work is apprehensive, confused, with a lingering sense of dread. There is a sense of construction- things are neither built nor falling down. This correlates strongly with the new instabilities I am dealing with in my life as well as the ever-evolving state of my psyche. The world in these photographs is in flux; this is communicated through the re-imagining, flattening, and distorting of space in these images. These photographs are constantly shifting and changing - always becoming. Occasionally, sun rays peer through into the images, a representation of the eternal search for hope amongst my cloudy uncertainty. There is a sense of exploration and adventure as well, indicating my excitement about the future, despite how fast approaching and bleak it may currently seem. ​