Tamar Sandalon Photography

Beyond The Surface

I made the work that I needed to make; a project about fluidity and beauty with an underlying sense of dread. The original artist statement goes as follows:
I’ve created a series that primarily focuses on curiosity and base reaction. Images are flattened, their planes meld together creating fluctuation and distortion- a nod to reality’s inherent fluidity. These images are not windows, rather, they resemble canvases. They explore color and expression in an immediate fashion, but also contain subtleties- little secrets. When photographing people, I tend to focus on individuals, though I sometimes incorporate small groups and silhouettes. The portraits are visually simple but capture complex and intimate expressions. Undoubtedly, subjects portray their reactions to me. I like to photograph those who warm my heart.
However, Tension exists between the idealistic way I view the world and the true nature of things. Reality bleeds through sentimental illustrations; brick walls crumble, old games break, and people age. There is no escaping the truth; things are not always positive, everything ends. Despite this, I continue to explore and create confronting illusions. While planets crumble, new stars are born- thus I remain hopeful. My photographs are of moments and scenes one would notice but not dwell on. I preserve these moments, so that my audience may understand what initially drew me in, and what kept me there wondering.